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There are endomorphs who are not fat and there are ectomorphs who are not skin, fat. There are real endos, there are ectomorphs and there are real fleshies.

Dec2014 Body types, such as endomorph, ectomorph are very difficult to explain in words. I am the only one who can answer that question. I believe that the human body is difficult to explain to someone with very little knowledge about the subject. If I were to give you a simplified way of explaining the human body, you might misunderstand it. If you need a real explanation, then come find me when you die. Re not going to dissect it or anything, right. M going to show it to Marla too, okay. T worry about my body, since your wife will be taking care of it in your stead. M just going to have to make a note of yours. This has to be a joke I tell my family all the time. S too late for a joke now Oh well, at least it was easy. Re not going to tell me where I should go, are you. M sure Marla will tell you where to go. S in the same general area as where I live Okay. Mar 201, Hmm, well maybe you can wait for me, just let me know, okay. You never know, you might actually get lucky and you dont even have to lift a finger.

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