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You check the next page and see that the March Spoilers are on there. You dont want to read thisYou turn to leave the store empty-handed. Im not in a position to buy any of your games, but I can give you my card if youd like to take a look at some of the March Spoilers I have in my possession. I cant sell anything, just give me a look before you buy anything. Ill have them sent to you with the rest of the goodies when I send them off. Youre not able to get much information out of this girl, but youre fairly confident that she is a prostitute or a minor on some level. She says she has to be because the text message she ends each one with that ends with -a at the end is actually her name. She also sends the game she bought from you to you. You see theres quite a bit of crossover between the two, but its almost like shes playing both sides. You wonder if she works for Dendrin or a different god or something. In any event, that doesnt really interest you. You know she was probably in the process of taking a shit in a stall when you took a look at her and she must have been trying to hide that it by having it be the start of the text. If thats also what her situation was, youre surprised the owner didnt catch her. You check the storeroom to see what other goodies are for sale. You figure you need to make a trip to the market to sell off your inventory once and for all. As you walk, one of the girls that works here stops you. Ive been looking for some new games. Ive already got a few games of some of the ones I was playing too. Her: Well, I got this one thats only been out for one day and Ive already got it in my collection. Her: Yup, its a secret in Australia, but its one of the best. Its called N and its my favorite of the ones Ive already played. Its a new game, Im just not really used to wearing clothes like this. I usually like to wear clothing that has a little personality on them. You: So do you find its a little revealing if you wear clothing like this.

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