Marcus Wareing breaks silence on new details in nasty feud with Gordon Ramsay

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Celebrity chefs Marcus Wareing, 51, and Gordon Ramsay, 54, have been at odds for years, following a falling out when they worked together at the latter’s legendary restaurant Aubergine, in the 90s. And while many fans of the pair may have hoped a reconciliation was on the horizon, it doesn’t look like they will be cooking in the same kitchen any time soon.

I picked a fight

Marcus Wareing

In a new and rather explosive interview Wareing, who is set to appear on Saturday Kitchen this morning, admits he was the one who instigated the feud that soon turned “nasty”.

“Listen, you must understand it was me who started it with Gordon,” he told British GQ as part of its regular ‘Out to Lunch’ feature.

“I picked a fight.

“I no longer wanted to be kept in a corner, moaning and feeling like I had nothing to offer his business.

“So I spoke up. And, well, it got nasty.”

Wareing was considered by many as Ramsay’s protégé, despite having worked together for 15 years prior to their friendship’s demise.

They also worked together at Petrus, which still operates today.

Following the breakdown in their relationship, the pair have only spoken on one occasion since.

“[We met] at 10 Downing Street,” Wareing recalled awkwardly bumping into each other.

“It was during the London Olympics and some key people from the food industry were there to meet David Cameron.”

“At the end of the day, Gordon tries to leave first then I go, and as they are holding the front door we end up meeting in the long corridor downstairs, just us two, face-to-face.”

He confessed it was “very weird” as they shook hands without smiling.

“We pass one another, shake hands, say, ‘Hello,’ and that’s it,” he continued.

“No smiles. Surreal, actually.”

Despite the animosity that’s still evident between the two cooks, Wareing doesn’t deny Ramsay’s services to the culinary and hospitality industry.

I know that man. [Aubergine] was a very special space, the hottest kitchen this country has ever produced,” he said describing it as “iconic”.

“Ramsay and Aubergine took the London food scene and totally revolutionised it.

“And that will never be done again.”

He girinned cheekily: “Pretty cool, right?”

Marcus Wareing’s full interview in the latest issue of British GQ now.

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