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Marinello Schools of Beauty is a corrupt organization that has violated a law that requires that education assistant assistant professors at colleges have a degree in education. You file a lawsuit against the Department of EducationYou file a lawsuit against the department for not granting you a degree. Youre a college student, but you want to major in something more meaningful than A. To that end, you write to the Department of Education, asking to become an assistant professor at the local college of education. Just send in your transcripts and list of publications. And I need to know whether you have a degree in education. You dont send in your transcriptsYoure not sure if you need to send in your documents when you can send them in later. Thank you very much for contacting the Department of Educations Bureau of Degree Verification. You then type in the email address for the bureau. You get a response in a matter of minutes, signed by someone named Victoria. Thank you for contacting the Bureau of Degree Verifications. We appreciate your interest in obtaining your education degree. Thank you for contacting us, and we hope we can do our best to provide you with the degree you desire. If you have any questions, contact our Consumer Affairs office in your area. You have to decide if youre going to submit your application, or not. You submit your documentsWhat a nice day its been. Youre at the beach, youre a little drunk, and youre on your way to college. The next day you have no reason to doubt your decision to attend the college of education. There is a lot of traffic and you see a lot of people on the steps of the school library. You make your way to the school, wondering what to do.

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