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And then you feel a sharp pain of a fist to the sides of your head. Re immediately assaulted by the harsh tone of a microphone. Re going to have to choose between taking the blow to your head and your words. You turn your head towards Marlo. S hands reach to take the pistol from its holster. D like me much better as a client. S a hard fight to get him off of you. S a very tough person, but you know how to take a little push. S really going to regret kicking you in the balls and taking you into the back of the van. Sir, I have a different client that needs my services right now. You shake your head and turn your head to look at Marlo. Wait you have a client that needs my help. Re really irritated and he has done nothing to change your mood. Re not going to just let him take that away from you now. Re going to make your own way in life with or without him. Marlo answers as the bullet goes straight through his head, killing him instantly. Your hands squeeze the pistol, squeezing the trigger again only to blow out Mar.

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