Mask to Dustin Hoffmans literal paper bag, these celebs …

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Your heart thumping a bit, you slowly walk over to the group to speak with Dustin Hoffman. The way he stands there, his hand on his hip and a slight smile on his face, says it all. You know that he was just waiting for the right opportunity to come up and ask you a question, and here it comes. You say something like I was just wondering, what part was improvised. And before you know it, you are at the mans feet, giving him a hug. You then realize that you have said almost everything that you were going to say, and you dont think anything is going to come up that you didnt already know the answer to, so you just go on to say Oh wait. M not famous enough for Hollywood to recognize me yet. Finally, you look at him with a smile on your face Thank you so much. And with that, you say your goodbyes to him, and take a seat. You do however, end up enjoying yourself. Hoffman is very nice, and you actually get to relax your mind a bit while sitting there in his presence. After the movie, you have a great time with your friends on the ride back home. You dont know why it was, but you found yourself in a comfortable position talking to a random stranger. Years later, you meet with Dustin Hoffman in person again. S funny, he actually has the decency to be a nice guy, you will be eternally grateful to him for that one day. Ve been doing for me since day one. Ve learned so much from all of you. One of the girls says with an almost seductive wink. You say and then get a few others to join in.

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