Maurice is a major character in the 1991 Disney animated feature film, Beauty and …

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Maurices singing in his box: Maurices singing in his box: You ask him what he means by that. You ask Maurice what he, Maurice, means by what he is singing in his box. As you continue to ask Maurice what he means by that, and get no answer, you get up and move to the table in the room and put your hand on your rifle. You feel the gun on your back and start to think about how to take care of this. You are now surrounded by chaos and you are the only thing still standing. You say while pulling your pistol. I dont know what your problem is with me, but I dont like being shot by you and if you shoot at me, THEN. You draw away from Maurice while looking for an appropriate chance to take the shot. You run around the table to run from MauriceYou run out from under the table and turn to run towards Maurice. As you run to the door you hear Maurices voice call:I DIDNT DO IT. You rush outside and fire your pistol at the wooden door. You pull the trigger and it doesnt go off. You decide against it and try the door lock, but that is also stuck. You try to smash the lock with your fist, but your hand is already badly bruised from the punch from Maurice. Youre thinking of turning to run, but you see a shadow hanging over the street. It looks like a human and isnt one of the animals that seems to be roaming around this city. No matter how hard you try to run, your hand is still very painful and you can feel the bullet wound. You dont want to be stuck out here in the cold in the winter with no chance of any kind of warmth. On the other hand, you have a bit of a feeling of excitement as you see a human walking up the street. You keep your distance from the shadow and start running in the opposite direction towards where the gunshots were coming from. As you run you keep a look out for any more attackers and you keep shooting at the door and lock. You dont have long to do so and you hear Maurice calling out:Damn you, I knew that you were coming. Go on now, leave the door and the lock alone. You decide to finish him with that shot, not bothering to break the lock because you are sure it will be just as hard. You are trying to run as fast as you can and when this happens, your shot hits.

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