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Bartender in a Dive: Honey, youve had way more than enough to drink. Get your ass up here and pay me for a fucking drink. Fat guy who always picks the littlest kid or the oldest guy to sit next to on a plane: You think all these fat chicks on these planes are the same age as me. Guy who takes the elevator to the top of a building: Why do old guys always go up. Ive never even been that high up. You do nothingYou dont feel like doing anything, so you dont. You dont feel like anythingYoure not like these people youve just described. Youre not like the people that will probably hate you for saying the things that you just have to. Youve been on enough airplanes that youve gotten used to the boarding process. Like all humans, youve learned to just go with the flow when it comes to such matters. When you get to the bar, there is no bartender there. The door isnt locked, and you dont feel like waiting for it to close so that you can go in. Instead you stand there, looking at the door, thinking that if anybody were to come in and see you, they certainly wouldnt like what they would see. You keep quiet, but keep watching. You stand there, a small frown on your face. You start to worry that you might start saying something that you shouldnt have, because then you might not have anything to show your therapist. So you keep a tight fist on your phone and keep yourself silent. After a few minutes, the door is kicked open by a skinny man in sunglasses, and he sees you. He looks around and then walks over to you. I wanted to keep you company while I talked. I can see that you dont want to be alone. Youre not quite sure what this man thought you were going to do, but youre guessing that you were going to start yelling at him and start calling him a dick. You have so much to say, Kate says, in a low voice. Yes, and you have so much to say, the man says back. We should talk in my car, you say. You dont want to be alone, do you.

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