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Richest Self-Made Women on Wall Street 2017Richest Self-Made Women on Wall StreetThis ranking is based on Forbes annual list of the worlds billionaires, with a focus on the self-made class, which Forbes says is a new group of individual capitalists who have built their fortunes mainly through their own endeavors. That were not inherited and are not family-owned businesses. The list is based on the total value of the self-made moguls assets. The United States has been the principal provider of defense for much of the Cold War, and, by the fall of 1989, the war in Afghanistan was rapidly approaching. At the time, there were more than two hundred American soldiers in the country, and President George H. The last American troops withdrew a year later, and when the United States pulled out of South Vietnam in 1975, they left behind a country that was now deeply at war. Two years later, the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, and since then the country has been ruled by two separate governments, one in Kabul and one in the capital of Kabul. For a while, the country was even split into two parts. President Hamid Karzai, who was installed by President George W. Bush in a coup in December 2001, has been in power ever since. He was a member of the Northern Alliance during the war in Afghanistan, and was the president of the Northern Alliance province when the Taliban was ousted. Despite his name recognition, he is actually the third-most-powerful person in the country. The most powerful is former President Hamid Karzai, wife of the president, now living in Canada. President Karzai has been criticized by human rights organizations and others for what they say is a lack of political freedom and an oppressive government bureaucracy. While he says he wants to bring transparency, he has been criticized by those who say he does not do enough to clean up the government. The United States has made no attempt to re-take Afghanistan from the Taliban, but has instead focused on a military effort to destroy the terrorist organization. In the past year, the Taliban has fought two major offensives in Afghanistan. They have also increased their use of suicide bombings, assassinations, kidnappings and other tactics to try to undermine the Karzai government. We know from experience that the human mind has the ability to conjure up the image of things we would rather not even be associated with. So when we go on a road trip, most of us are more than capable of conjuring up images of cars, trucks and other dangerous objects.

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