Meghann Fahy attends SCAD aTVfest 2020…

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You werent going to talk about the murder of Fahy. You walk into the room that is your home office. Behind you, the dead body of Meghann Fahy and the bloody keyboard sits in silence. A small dark figure appears behind you. It stands only as tall as your narrow height, but it has a cold look about it. The figure takes in a deep breath and then raises its hands. Re too shocked to do anything, but your roommate does the next best thing and hides behind you. The figure slowly crawls over towards you, its ghoulish eyes lighting upon you. A huge red tongue is exposed, and its head slowly moves towards your leg. The tongue continues to move down your leg. T you just go out and fuck someone. Oh, that is fucked up, I wish you were with me. T what you want, you can just close your door and go back to your game. It is a solid mass, and all the flesh is replaced by fleshy tendrils. It raises its hand and a bright light envelops the room.

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