Mick Jagger1739 George Clinton, American soldier and 4th Vice President, 1805-12 born …

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TV stars like Freddie Cooper and Billie Davison are about thesame age. And TV comedians like John Oliver and Gillian Anderson are a good year older. You were at-least a decent ass hitter, but now youre nothing but a garbage-man, can you say. Im fine, but Im not going to lie for you. Re just a few years younger than I am. M a few years younger than my entire generation. Re also in agreement that you were a good loser, right. Has already been up all night studying for exams. S lost all motivation and has given up. At the end of your last day at school, you see J. Hey, Dad, you see that guy on his bike. S the best rider since Grandpa Ed. S a little old to be riding his bike by himself.

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