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M not part of the conspiracy against the US government. M not part of the conspiracy to create weapons of mass destruction. M not part of the conspiracy to control the minds of the public through secret mind-altering drugs. M not some traitorous traitor fighting for the Soviets or the Chinese. Then why did you come here. To tell you the truth, I ran out of money a few weeks ago. T your parents or anyone else help you out. Ve been on it too long and I have a hard time making ends meet now. T know this place even existed until recently. You probably were living in a trailer park for a long time before that. I thought I saw you at least once when I lived in a trailer park. At this point you hear some crying, so you stop your questioning. Ve got nothing more to say to you. If you want to take me back to your trailer park, fine. The woman looks a bit upset by your abrupt leaving. T know what to think, so you come back to your truck. When you get to your truck, you start to get out and then remember you have to feed the truck. T risk running into your parents or their friends, so you just walk back in the trailer park. S trailer where you lived before you left home. You start to look for the trailer door when you suddenly hear someone call out to you.

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