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And you suddenly realize: its not you, its her. Youre just a side character in her story. Shes got a massive following of billions of fans. You cant even begin to guess how many followers she has on Twitter. Shes got over a billion Twitter followers. You dont want to be on her InstagramWhat the fuck, man. Fuck, Instagram was just a stupid internet thing. You cant even figure out what the hell any of these people shes following are talking about. Youve been a fan of hers for years, and shes never mentioned you or anything weird like that. You try to ignore the things other people are saying. Shes not even paying you any attention. You look at the latest entry, and its a picture of your girlfriend Ariana Grande. Its an odd picture, because its a selfie, as you can tell by her face, and its a picture of her without any makeup on, in the middle of a concert. You see a red heart in the corner of the photo. The red heart is everywhere on Instagram, with pictures of her followers. A voice comes on the speakers:Youre not on Instagram, okay.

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