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Good night my friend, Your Friend,P. GangnamGentlemen, the last of their tribe has made their last stand. In a stunning and brutal display of power the last remnants of the once mighty Ghouls left on this world have united with the last remnants of the once mighty Ghasts, and together they have gathered to attack the last stronghold of the Humans in a last stand. The Humans, however, are not the only opponents the Ghouls have. A new foe has come out of the Dark Lands to battle. He is far more dangerous than any the Ghouls have faced before, and the Humans may very well lose, but they have never been more outnumbered and desperate. The last remnants of the now dead Necrophage species have fought and died against the Necromancers, and in a last desperate effort have allied themselves with the Necromancers. With their last living Necromancers now dead, they are free to unite behind their new Necromancer master. The only hope for the Humans is if they can wipe out the Undead forces, or if they can hold out against the combined might of the Necromancers, Necrophages, and possibly the ever growing army of the Undead that the new Necromancer is commanding. The game will take place on 3 different battlefields. Each with its own unique terrain and each one containing a total of 9 unique factions. At the beginning of the game, two factions will declare their allegiance to the humans, and will battle it out to see who will rule the battlefield. When the humans declare that they will be taking the eastern and southern battlefields, the Ghouls and Ghasts will declare their allegiance to the humans, and the Necrophages will join the humans on the other battlefield. After the humans win the battle for control of the battlefields, the final territory of a faction is revealed. Game RulesThe Human FactionThe Human faction is one of the most powerful factions in this world, and as such has the resources to fight to the last man to defend their turf. Their leader is the human female named Soo-hyun. She has been ruling the Humans for years, and with the death of her previous leader, the human male name is Kang-moon, she has decided to rule as the head of the Human faction alone, and has declared that in the coming weeks, they will defend their territory. The Humans are the rulers and warriors of the whole of the Dark Lands. They live a nomadic existence, in the Dark Lands they fight and die alongside the great beasts that they fight alongside, and they believe that only under the watchful protection of the gods of the Dark Lands will they survive the.

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