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Price- 1248 US Highway 21, California 33121 – Rated 4. 3 based on 18 Reviews It s just a little complicated. They all should be, the rest of the week:The day after:I feel so so sorry for these women who have to sell their hair. I mean its true that people are going online with their hair styles and shit, but theyre gonna have their money back eventually. And then after all the other stuff theyve mentioned:I dont know, I just wasnt quite sure if this was going to feel like a scam or not, and to be perfectly honest Im a little surprised that I wasnt more disgusted. The first thing thats always going to be out there is what they advertise. The second thing is what they do, and theyre going to continue to use their existing hair stylist. That said, that doesnt mean there isnt a hair stylist there who can do a great job. Youre going to have to take my word for this on this, because in this day and age, it might be difficult to do if you dont have the resources:Youre going to have to take my word that this shop is a scam. Im not saying its a rip off, Im saying that its way over priced, and theyre going to screw you on the service when they have nothing to do with it. If youre looking for a great quality hair color service, Id say that youre better off going somewhere like Bumble and then picking out your own hair and dye your own hair.

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