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Naughty NipPLE Bitches Naughty Censors Naughty Naughty NaughtyThis page has been viewed to death. The rest of us wont remember where we got the idea, and who exactly gave it to us to start with. Were just trying to stay relevant in a world that has grown so much more violent since our heyday. Well, I dont see why we cant get involved with the Naughty community on the internet. We log in as you, and head to our favorite spot of the internet, which is also a board called Naughty. The board is pretty much devoid of information, except it has a lot of the same posts as it did a few years ago. Some of the posts are from people in the Naughty community, most probably still lurking or simply not really giving a shit. We see that many of the posts are from you, though. You continueYou continue to post updates about your life and the community. You post pictures of all the food you have, of all the clothes you have, and anything else you feel you need to promote the community. My ass hurts I think Ive gotten MRSA again. Its only because youre posting all this fucking pointless bullshit on the internet, you know what Im saying. Go grab some of the painkillers I left in my room. You head back into your room, and find that Beef isnt there. He must have taken the pills and left, like he usually does. You sit there in agony with a half frozen beef in your hand, feeling like you could explode at any moment. Eventually, you do and run out of your room and back downstairs, but youre passed out on the floor. You wake up and stagger around the house.

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