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And you thought it was just the white mans disease. You keep the old skin careThere is a lot to be said for the good old moisturizer, no matter how much is on the surface. Youve always been a bit of a stickler for cleanliness, so you put away the newfangled cream-chewing products youve been using and start putting the old-fashioned way, with moisturizer. You notice the color of your skin gets more and more radiant. You never thought your complexion would change that much that quickly, but this is where your natural beauty takes over. After a couple of months of this practice, you get the idea to add on a peel in the process. Youve learned a thing or two about how to care for your skin as well. The old timers that are still around have probably been here longer than you have. There might be some sort of natural thing in place that prevents a change. What if youve lived in this area so long its like a second skin. Why do the things that youve always done and continue to do, but never have time for. Why would you want to change things up all the time. You practice until your skin is shining like a star. You get more confident in your skin care routine. You feel like youve learned more than you ever did in all of your years. There is something you need to discuss with your parents. You want to get out, but what would be the point. Youve been an outsider for so long now you cant be that important anymore. Youve tried reaching out to the other kids, but youve never really been in the club. No, youre not going to be a member anymore. The only thing you want to do now is avoid the community thats trying to make itself known, and that means getting out of this town. The only other option you have is to turn yourself in to the sheriff. You need to get away from this town at this point. You might need the money and the family might not be in any shape to take care of you anymore. The problem is, your mom and dad are the only ones around to help you. If you turn yourself in to the sheriff now you might have to leave them in the lurch. You look over at your dad who is laying in his bed trying to convince a particularly stubborn kid to leave. You ask your mom if she could come with youMom would come with you. You should be able to get them to help you.

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