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You never thought you would feel this way, but you are. Then, you look at the sky and think, you are so glad that you are. You cant wait to go Back to the FutureYou are so glad that you are. You dont even care that its going to drive you to madness. You cant wait to go back to the future. You go back to the FutureWith one more thought for tomorrow you go home. This is the happiest you have ever been in your entire life. You dont remember exactly what happened, but you do remember that you thought you would see Dr. You dont bother asking your parents about todays events. You will go back to the future, and ask them themselves about it. Cox and his room as you were leaving for your first day of medical school, but in a different way. You get an email from a girl that you havent talked to in years, but only because her email address has been deactivated, so you need to use someone elses. Timey-Wimey,I was looking forward to our next class together. I actually was waiting for you today since I had to meet someone for an appointment and I was afraid to go home alone sniffle, I have been having problems in my relationship lately. Its going really bad and I thought talking to you would help me. I know I know I should come clean, but I just. Im sorry if Im just being clingy. I just want you to know how much Im sorry. Ill get to the reason why I want to talk to you in my email. I met this guy two years ago in cough, But we broke up five years ago. Since then, Ive been dating this guy who is like a clone of me. Weve both got the same hair, the same nose, the same eyes, the the same ears. Uh cough coughPlease tell me that we arent clones of each other or Im going to start crying again. Heh, you can think of us that way. I guess you can think of us that way. I love youYour friendYour friend whose name I cant tell you.

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