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You Have: You Are Fascinated by The Beauty Of Females Are You. You continueThe next page has a list consisting of various celebrities that have been shaved and are not wearing their hair in a bun in a way that you would recognize. A couple of names that jump out at you are Kim Gordon and Joan Collins. Joan CollinsJoan Collins was known for her rebellious, bohemian style, and in the late 70s she began shaving her head in a very non-American-looking way. It is thought that she shaved her head because she was having marital problems and was frustrated with her job. It is also rumored that she was pregnant at the time, but this has never been proven. Its pretty sad to see her like this though, she was so talented and so young. Joan Collins had a hit song with the title Proud Mary. She was married to David Johansen and had an son named Robert Johansen, and a daughter named Catherine Johansen. You continueThe next page has a list of various celebrities that have been shaved and are either wearing a wig, a fake moustache, or both. The pictures show people that you would recognize, and some of the names are quite random, like Bruce Willis and James Dean. Bruce WillisBruce Willis was perhaps the biggest celebrity to appear on this website. He appeared in a number of B-movies throughout the 80s and 90s and also starred in a TV show called 24, which was a lot more violent than the movies. He has a younger brother named Jonathan Willis and a divorced mother named Donna Willis. He is also a musician and a former professional boxer. He has never shaved his head, but he has always tried to maintain a clean look. He is bald as of this writing, but was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and has vowed to fight the cancer with his entire life. Bruce Willis is bald and has a moustache that goes all the way down to his neck. You continueThe next page has a list of celebrities that have been shaved over a wide range of ages. The list consists of people from various generations, from baby boomers. You remember when baby boomers were in their 20s, 30s, and even the 40s. Then it went into slow decline and then there was a big resurgence in the 90s with the new wave, grunge, and hipsters. Now that you are in your 50s you find that you are starting to notice an increase in baby boomers everywhere you go.

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