Not only shines on screen, but is also a staunch womens rights …

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You look down at your monitor then back up at the sign above your head. M out of a lot of choice for a few hours. You got a better deal on your phone, or you have a better deal on you TV. If you want to watch the game show, you need to put aside some of your free time to do it. T do that, then you should probably stop taking advantage of us and go get a job. You sigh and turn your phone off. You dont WatchYou turn your phone back on. Okay, okay, you say, as quickly as you can turn it off again. When she turns away, you immediately turn your phone back on. S face has turned red and the back of her neck has begun to swell and throb. S most likely going to bleed out and die soon. Re being offered a nice amount of money to watch television, so you turn your phone off. You sigh as you turn it to sleep instead. D be so relieved if you could just be free from your situation, but in the back of your mind you can hear the screams of the innocent people who will soon.

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