Now where would someone get an idea like that…

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A little harder than your last attempt but I think I can get the hang of it. The first time that my brother got me into some shit I ended up crying for hours but it was fun crying and I dont see why it cant be fun doing it to other girls and getting off on it. Im so glad you agree that Lucius should be the first one to get fucked. You dont do the fun shit for the funsOh no. You just let out a deep sigh and try to mentally prepare yourself for the task at hand, it does wonders for calming you. You decide to do something that you have practiced for many years and that is to pretend like you didnt do the fun shit you were telling the stories about. A few other girls see you do this as well and their attention turns to you. You see a good target but the others you can still manage. If it wasnt for Lucius, all but one would be easy. You cant let this task be solely for the funs, they wont give you anything you want. Thats why youre doing it, to get something from the funs, if they all want to fuck you then you should get more than just funs, if you can get the funs to be nice though, youll get an even better price. The others you can handle as long as you get the first girl you want and if you end up getting the last girl, well shes not even going to try to harm you. The task begins and surprisingly the first girl that you decide to fool is Julie. Shes the oldest girl in the group and the one with the most experience, after all she has had a lot of guys fucking her for a long time. Shes probably more likely to be on your side than anyone else of her age. Julie was a very nice girl, in fact she was so nice that you even forgot your usual playful attitude for awhile. In reality you were just so excited to get to fuck her that you were really in the mood to play a bit of mind games. So far youve managed to get the other girls to play along with you, you even managed to trick one of the younger ones. Julie thought that you were talking about someone else and was just going to make out with her, even if you were talking about Lucius. Julie ended up being the first one to realize that you were talking about Lucius. She screamed as loud as she could and broke out crying, she was really scared that she was going to get fucked by Lucius. You were getting very excited too, you even did a little dance of excitement, after all you did get the idea and you get to have a good laugh at Julies expense.

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