NUTTY conspiracy theorists have claimed celebrities with black left eyes …

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They are making a false statue of entertainment and media who have a history of slandering religious groups. You keep goingWhen youre done, you get off at the next stop, still on the train, as the car slowly rolls by. You continue to look at people and then at the scenery. Maybe there will be a girl in the next car, maybe there wont. If were lucky, maybe there will be a kid or two in that last car, then the train will pull into the station, and well be home. When are you going to tell me how you met my brother. You tell about how you met himWe met. You go to the bathroomYou hear her walk away, and then you see her go into the next car. You see her come back, but shes not smiling the way when you met her. You go back to staring out of the window as the train keeps rolling. This time her smile is a little sadder than when she first smiled, and you see a tear pool in her eye. She looks at you sadly and says, I love you. She pauses as tears roll down her cheeks. She looks down, and she says in a quiet voice, Ill know by the way you look at me. And she presses her face into your chest, and then she kisses you. The next train stop comes and goes, and after the last one she says, I love you. I think I should get back to my apartment. And you smile at her, and nod before she leaves. Now you and her are standing in front of your apartment.

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