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When you become an established stylist in the industry, you can save money by buying an Ogden shampoo and conditioner. 00 Ogden Shampoo and Conditioner Promotion Price. This promotion price is for Ogden Ogden shampoo and conditioner, not for any other. If you have any question,Please contact Ogden Ogden Beauty Supply. Creative Director Ogden Ogden Beauty Supply www. Com Sent: Monday, Ap3:00 PM Subject: RE: Congratulations. Just wondering what kind of hair products you use. On, at 6:59 AM, John Nussbaum wrote: Hey Dan, I use the hair dryer in my shop. On, at 7:00 AM, Dan Nussbaum wrote: Dan, I am happy to share the details of my job if you like. My name is John Nussbaum, and I am the owner of Ogden Ogden Beauty Supply. I am in your profession for three reasons: 1, I have used this product for ten years, and have no complaints. It fills in the spaces of less-than-perfect hair, without destrorting your scalp or breaking your scalp. It does smell nice, but it also leaves your scalp with a slight taste of something that I cannot describe. It doesnt hurt your scalp, but it is a little strange and is probably the only negative thing I can say about it. I also use the Ogden-Ogden product, which is an organically derived product, by the way, and have had no complaints about it. 2, While at Ogden-Ogden Beauty Supply, I have come to know and respect some of your business associates, and while I personally have no problem with them, I may not be in the best financial standing if I sell this supply you now possess.

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