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Re just about to start putting your money where your mouth is. Suddenly a loud noise, probably the explosion of a nearby bomb, interrupts your speech. You look back and see the other side of the wall lit up, in this case by a bright spotlight. You watch as a figure slowly walks through the wall with a rifle leveled at you. You start to look around for your bag, but then you notice that it is hanging from a hook from the wall. You go for it, but the spotlight catches you. You wake up, lying in a bed in a hospital somewhere. Re pretty sure this is where is all going to end. S gone down, plus the bomb sounds you heard a few hours ago. You probably should sit down for a moment. S trapping everyone in the bomb shelter until they explode. Ll be out sooner rather than later, but what about everyone else. How long are they going to be stuck in the bomb shelter. When are the bombs going to hit and where are they going to hit. The nurse then says that it is possible for the bombs to go off tomorrow, and that everyone is going to be safe. Re sitting there in your bed, feeling helpless and fearful, you hear a knock on the door. T hear it, but when it gets closer you feel a sudden change in air pressure.

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