Once upon a time, Saturday Night Live aired a Beauty and the Beast-themed …

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I mean, theres no way you can find a better one. Plus, they got a ton of talent and they get new shows all the time. The big names that have graced the show are just par for the course, but there are always a bunch of under-the-radar acts that are great too. Of course the current SNL season is going to be the one of the big ones. And like every season, theres a rumor going around that Lorne Michaels is retiring. I know for a fact that he has something else in mind for the show and that hes looking forward to starting his next season right now. But Ill be honest with you: Im not sure if Ill be going. I have a lot to prepare for, a lot to think about, and Im not exactly in a great place of my own right now. Now, Im not talking about that depression that a lot of people, me included, get from time to time. I dont feel like I did a year or two ago. I mean, Im still not in a place where I dont feel a sense of shame about my depression. Like Ill often be in my room crying, thinking about how I let this happen to me. But no, what Im talking about is the I cant go on anymore and I need to pull out now because if I dont Im gonna get worse thing. Ive been in this industry for way too damn long not to realize that people die if they dont put in the time. I mean, I know my own body is going to break down eventually. But if I dont make this transition now, Ill never be able to. Im pretty sure Ill still be around. Ive been in this industry for a bit longer than you have and Im not about to just give.

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