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Youre on a date with a woman who claims she has no boyfriend. All the guy, s, youve been seeing at the same time die of AIDS within a few months of one another. The one you are now seeing claims to be HIV and Hepatitis positive, but has no symptoms. A video has been created which appears to show a famous person who died of AIDS. A video with no explanation as to the cause of death, only a simple statement to the effect of This video is about AIDS but with pictures from the video of the people in the video and their photos added. The video is titled THE CAUSE OF HIV DISEASE AND AIDS. It appears to have been created in Italy during the year 1969. The video shows a man sitting in a chair who looks to resemble Robert F. He tells the camera You are all I had left to believe in. My heart and mind feel so full of love for you. I am so happy to be together and I dont yet understand why. The man dies and a blood curdling scream from the camera indicates his dying of AIDS. The video ends with the words Affectus in pace which means Time is in in Latin and means that his time in the world has passed; it was an enjoyable ride. A later news story says he died of AIDS, heart failure and pneumonia. You decide not to believe the man because you dont think he is telling the truth about his story. But as you drive out of the apartment district in which you live you suddenly remember that youve seen the film The Cause of AIDS a few years ago. You remember that the film was very short and not very well made. Kennedy was in it and you remember that he died in the same way. You remember your girlfriend Kate told you that she had a boyfriend when the film was shown last time and was concerned about his condition. You suddenly have a sudden urge to see what the film has to say about your case as well. You get out of your car and head to the nearest cinema. Once inside you ask the ticket taker to call the number from the top of the screen. A young woman tells you that she doesnt remember much, but that she has a boyfriend named John Smith and that she had a boyfriend named Bob Smith who died of AIDS in 1991. She says that the film is still being used by some people to help them get over a tragedy, but that it is illegal for anyone to watch it.

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