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And Laces products are always, inaccurate or misleading if they, get into, a clients hair I, You get a bottle of shampoo from the shelfAs the man from the store starts to run off, you grab the shampoo and begin to run back to where he was. You then head out of the room before you are noticed. When you get to the counter, you grab a bottle of your new shampoo. After grabbing more shampoo from the rack, you decide to have a look in the mirror. Yes, it does feel nice on my hair. Hmmm, I like the fact that there is no scent at all. You quickly grab the shampoo bottle from her hand and you pour a drop onto one of the bottles cap. She says as you pour a few drops and wipe your head. You will be a good customer and I can teach you more after business hours. You can help me finish my shopping. Because thats all youre doing now. You spend the rest of the day and go home. You quickly make yourself comfortable until morning and fall into a deep sleep. Well, I cant go back tomorrow, so Ill go on to my room first and do something fun today. I have a lot of fun planned, you can come in whenever. The woman nods at you, and smiles at your compliment. Come, you can find me in the garden.

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