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A week goes by, and you realize youve been waiting for the wrong person. You wait it outYouve been looking for the right person for so long, but youve been so busy with other things that youve been neglecting looking for them. You decide that if this is a good thing, then youre going to let it go for now. This isnt something you should have to deal with right now though, as youve decided to just focus on whats important. Youve been working on a few things that could help you with your day-to-day life of your shop and how its going, but you havent really had any time to focus on making money. This new addition to your life was just something to help you on your way. With this new addition to your life, you now know things like what you should do with your time and what you should sell, but if you dont sell to make your living then you shouldnt need to make money to feed your family. A week passes, but you still dont sell anything, and its only getting harder to stay in business. This is taking too long, and you decide that you should just give up. You tell the owner of the shop that youve decided to take a break from the business, and his answer is a sad one: I wont even have anything to sell, and I wont be able to give you my shop. Im sad youre not selling anything, but I cant do anything. I wish that you were a lot more successful than you are. I wish that you could have more to give, and I wish that you didnt have to work so hard. I wish there were simpler days and that this was easier and that you could do what you want to do. I wish everything would just be so easy. I cant believe that weve gotten to the point where your shop cant pay the rent. Im sorry, but theres nothing we can do. Weve tried everything we can think of, but the only solution we can see is to sell the business and go live off our savings to your family. In this time you just cry as youre sad for your little mom and dad. Theyre just trying to make a living, and theyve been doing it for as long as they can remember. You just hope that the store will still be making enough that they can make it through their last weeks in retirement since you know theyve been saving to do this. You know theyre at least a little older than you and your age, so they.

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