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BitchMedia, How do you identify an an- is followed by a long string of words, alluding to the various body parts of people with various body shapes. The first two numbers are for the upper lip, the third is above the eyes, the fourth is under the eyes and the last number is for the noseWe have the best celebrity cuts to fix your an an oval face shape, the site says. While it certainly isnt the first time Bitch Media has discussed issues relating to the body, this particular ad looks a little different from what other sites have made on similar topics. So why are the people of this world obsessed with celebrities with an oval face shape. Heres what Bitch Media had to say:An oval face shape is what you get if your jaw is more wide than your face, resulting in an awkward look when attempting to keep a straight face. The problem with a wide-jawed face is that it makes it super easy to smile. While this is still a problem at any age, you can see a lot of beauty in a wide-jawed face that has also been properly processed. You can achieve this look with some simple body contouring techniques. So if youre tired of trying to maintain a straight face with round cheeks, you can use these techniques to make your face look more oval-shaped. They tend to stand out better than other faces. As an oval-shaped face is also pretty universally flattering, youre much more likely to strike up a conversation with someone with an oval face, and youre also less likely to have a situation where an oval-shaped face makes you the butt of a joke. Unfortunately, youre not going to suddenly start getting famous for having an oval face, because this is still far from being a fad. However, if this becomes a more significant cultural trend, maybe celebrities will stop cutting their hair, wearing too-tight outfits, being too talkative, not shaving their armpits and boobs, and generally acting all shallow. At this point, if Bitch Media is successful, youll still have to put up with the annoying ads like this one. Rent this movieAfter a breakup, a young woman moves back to her parents modest home for a chance at a fresh start. When her new boyfriend discovers the house is infested with vampires, things quickly go from bad to worse.

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