Paxman: Im struggling to deal with my Parkinsons diagnosis

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He said: “I did find myself getting depressed. I used to see a shrink, I don’t any more. I couldn’t see any point.They couldn’t turn the bad news into good news.

“I refuse to be beaten by it. I’m still adjusting.”

The University Challenge host and former Newsnight Rotweiler, 71, said: “It’s not like someone’s chopping your arm or leg off, so you have time to adapt. It’s the unpredictability that gets me. Sometimes you feel awake, sometimes you feel asleep, and how you are today is no guide to how you will be tomorrow. It’s really annoying. You’re stuck with it. And that is hard. Very hard to know you’re not going to get better.”

Turning to his decision to leave his brain to scientists looking for a cure, he says: “I felt I ought to do something for them.”

Paxman also told the Sunday Times Magazine he found lockdown as “boring as hell” so wrote a book on the history of coal, Black Gold, to be published later this month.

He added: “I’ve never met a miner who wanted the same for his child. It’s a terrible, terrible job.”

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