Peter Andre feels every inch of Michael Owens pain seeing daughter Gemma on Love Island

Peter Andre has admitted he feels "every inch of pain" Michael Owen must be going through watching his daughter Gemma on Love Island.

Writing in his weekly new magazine column, singer Pete, 49, says he hopes his teenage children Junior, 17, and Princess, 14, take heed of his words that he'd only be happy for them to present the ITV2 show. Here, he also discusses buying Junior his first car and reflects on how Brenda Edwards opening up about the circumstances surrounding her son Jamal's death has started some important conversations with his kids. Sign up – for free! – to see what he has to say.

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I Feel Michael's Pain

I have to say I feel every inch of pain Michael Owen must be going through seeing his daughter Gemma on Love Island.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great show but it’s not exactly ideal as a dad, is it? No wonder he said he’d flown to Germany for football commentating to avoid it.

As I’ve told Princess many times, I’m happy for her or Junior to present the show, so hopefully they both take heed of that.

Last week, Junior was rehearsing for his single launch that’s out this week, so I missed the first few episodes being with him and I don’t know if Princess has been watching it with Emily.

It’s a big week for Junior – as well as his single launch it’s also his 17th birthday. I love that boy so much. He’s so respectful and works hard.

As he’ll be driving now, I decided to buy him the car he asked for. Love you son. Happy birthday!

Brenda's Bravery Has Started Conversations

It was so brave of Brenda Edwards to reveal that her son Jamal Edwards died from cardiac arrhythmia after he took recreational drugs.

She said in a statement that Jamal’s passing shows that one bad decision can have “devastating consequences” and she hopes this will encourage others to “think differently”.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare and I commend her for not hiding this news away.

I’m so sorry that Brenda and her family are going through this, but I also want to thank her because thanks to her I was able to have a really productive conversation with my kids about this incident and especially about recreational drugs.


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I have met Jamal and when Princess heard about how he died she was asking me about what recreational drugs are.

I explained to both her and Junior how something you think you’re doing for fun can have really huge consequences and you don’t know how your body will react to these substances.

I was with Brenda on Loose Women recently and I wanted to give her a big hug, but I didn’t want to bring anything up that would upset her.

I’m sending her all my love in this terribly sad situation.

Faith Restored

You may have seen that my car was broken into in London when I parked it outside the stage door for Grease.

Apparently there is CCTV of the incident so the police are now on the case and I’ve also had the windows on my car replaced after they were smashed.

It’s taught me that I need to be more careful with my stuff – even if you have blacked out windows, don’t leave things in your car.

A lovely man named George found some of my belongings scattered in the street and called Grease after finding a prescription of mine and my driving licence.

There were obviously a few things I didn’t get back but they’re all material things. I luckily got some of my sentimental things like photos, so I was so thankful to George for returning them.

A couple called Saad and Jill also found my road manager Carl’s laptop, iPad and bag, so we’re going to take George, Saad and Jill out to say thank you. They have our details so if you’re reading this guys, please get in touch!

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