Phillip Schofields brother in court over sexual abuse of teen boy

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Timothy Schofield was working for Avon and Somerset Police at the time he allegedly committed the offences. The brother of This Morning star Phillip was in his late 40s when the alleged 11 counts of “interfering with a child” are said to have begun.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place between 2016 and 2019, and include a count of a “sex act” with the boy.

Other claims include causing the teenager to watch pornography with him, and then to look on as he engaged in a private sex act.

Timothy arrived at Exeter Crown Court on Monday in baggy clothing, and concealed his face with a mask, while draping a jacket over his head.

Inside the courtroom, he shook his head as the charges, all of which he cenies, were read out.

Lawyer Peter Stellard opened the case for the prosecution by telling the court that Phillip and Timothy had not been close in their early years.

“The defendant is seven years younger than Phillip and they had not been particularly close growing up,” he stated.

“However, in December 2019, the defendant told his brother he was gay.”

Referring to the subsequent day when he is alleged to have told him about his “time” with the teenage boy, he elaborated: “According to Phillip the defendant… was extremely agitated.”

Stellard continued: “His brother described him as very angry and distressed [and he] also told his brother that he was impotent.

“The defendant then said his brother would hate him for what he was about to say, his brother said that he wouldn’t and then the defendant said he [and the teenage boy] had time together and that last year they had watched porn and w***** together.”

Phillip then allegedly replied: “What the hell is time? That should never happen again.”

Judge Mrs Justice Johanna Cutts urged the jury not to place the emphasis on the celebrity status of Timothy’s brother, or to be “distracted” by it while they considered the case.

Timothy, who has appeared on This Morning in the past and is believed to have spent time behind the scenes on Dancing on Ice, denies all charges.

The trial continues.

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