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Txt alt-Lyric for The Beauty Inside size-20 You stay in the car for a few minutes and then eventually make your way on foot to the site of the killing. I dont think I got the time to go out and get this. We can find another place to go. Maybe, but I could always go back home. The nearest town isnt too far and itll still take a couple days to get there. You stare at her in silence for a while and then a smile finds its way onto your face. You could always leave at any time, and shed have to go back home at least for a couple days, while you could easily work your way through the mountain. Well, I guess I better agree, you say. After exchanging your business card and driving off you and Trudy find a new place to stay. You spend a couple days getting used to the area before deciding to see if you can still make it through the mountains when the time comes that you want to return home. You spend the next couple days driving around the area and try to be as prepared as you can while not wasting too much time trying to find the same old trail that youve already covered a couple times, and are almost certain that its somewhere near your current position. Two days after your arrival at your new place in the wilderness you make the decision to camp out until you reach your destination. Even if you did find the trail, you still dont have a place to sleep or any water to clean up in a safe place. Its not safe to attempt to leave unless you have everything you need. You spend your time for the day and night working on a plan that you will follow to make your way through the mountains in whichever direction you choose. You spend a couple hours each day writing down the route you intend on taking if everything doesnt go the way you want, as well as writing down the next several days of food and water to take with you. You dont want to waste a single drop as it would be best to get out of the wilderness by the end of the week. You take all of this advice to heart while youre still planning out a plan for the day. Your tent is your primary shelter and the one you decide to use right now. This tent has a built in tarp and you could easily throw that in and be set for the night with no trouble whatsoever. You have some extra food and water with you, and no more water will be coming your way until you can find a well. If you can find a well before those two are gone, then youll be set.

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