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Your mother takes a deep breath as she rubs her eyes and then points at the door and says something. Is this part of some ploy to get us out of the house. Ve been making that accusation for months now. Ve done something wrong in your attempt to convince her. Re being quite stern, which makes her even angrier. S ever been remotely close to me in my whole entire life. S ever treated me with any degree.

Ve lost a few good friends along the way because of it. I still remember when we got married and all she put on her pictures was her name. I remember Bobby always saying how beautiful she looked in those pictures. T talking about that, I was talking about your physical appearance. T beautiful before you got married. T fat or ugly before I married Bobby. I mean we were on a very strict diet back then and I was on my period. Re saying you were still in pretty good shape. Re right, maybe you do look better without all that extra fat. Bobby at this point stops you from talking and looks at both of you. At this point you both sit down at a table staring at each other.

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