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S not worth it, no matter how tempting that shiny suit may be. As I said, you got me here, but the Earth needs me here. M not going to see you anymore without a full report of all our work on this mission. You and the representative of the Earth go back to whatever the hell the movie was you were watching before he interrupted you. You and him talk for some time and you learn more about each other. Re just looking for a new challenge in life. Then you just sit in his chair talking about whatever the hell you want. You also get to know this man so much more over the course of the movie. S pretty talkative and the world just seems more peaceful compared to the rest of the movie. Just thinking about all this gets you to start to feel better. You spend a bit of time just going through your normal day, like going to work, going to school, going out with your friends, anything. You also realize that you are really just a normal guy that happens to be living a very difficult life. The whole Earth would be a lot better off with your work and study of physics, not to mention maybe you could help save the planet. You go down to the basement and get a couple of bottles of water and begin filling them on a.

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