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Pornographic Images of all artists in this collection are public domain. Do Not use or republish anywhere else without permission from. Playboy logo Playboy is a magazine for men, you say. Because it was my idea, Raine says, I think it would be an interesting change from the usual mens magazines. Im a woman and we can do whatever the hell we want, Raine says. I like having a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and ages of women around. So why are there only five women. Its not my fault, Raine says, its just what God made. Um, yes, of course, of course you are, she says. Thats weird, you say as she walks away. You continueWhy are there only five, you say, staring at the magazine. You cant believe you never noticed it before. Of course its all men, you say again. Of course its all men, she says, turning around and walking out of the room. I wouldnt know, because Im not a boy, Raine says. No, I mean, if there are only five women and youre a man, you say.

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