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Please note i AM NOT unregistered, just not on here every day. I mean, theres a good chance you are from the number of PMs ive sent you. I mean if you like, need to know, and you did, then im sure there are other ways, like a private message where you can at least ask the person for a source of support to your liking, especially if they ARE active. But no, im just not on here at all. What i mean to say is i had a serious crush on her. Then i was so scared about telling anyone, because i figured she would laugh at me. What sort of resources are available to people like me. Well, you guys can help a little bit. What do you think our parents would think. Well they probably think im some sort of freak and probably wouldnt have anything to talk to me about anyway, thanks a lot. By the way, im not going to do any more PMs about this, i already told my story about my sister to many people. Ok, go ahead an ask me anything you want. You can ask any questions, but ive already answered them. Oh and if we decide to do this again, let me know so i know how to set up your thread first. So basically, you said that you had a very strong feeling that you wouldnt be able to tell your sister anything, so you decided to stalk her instead. So you thought that stalking her would be a better option, but what you were actually doing was just getting the safer option.

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