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It starts with what happened last night at the Jonas Brothers show. The Brothers said the show was sold out, but they werent sure if they would get another one this year. The last time the brothers played at the Fillmore was 2010, however that particular night was the only time the brothers ever played the Fillmore as a band. They decided to cancel a few shows because they were being sued for copyright infringement by the Beastie Boys. They were forced to release Take Me Over from their album No Fun. Now they will play one of the few shows they still have coming up before they have to take a break for a year for the new album. There are also other recent celebrity appearances. Actresses Emily Ratajkowski and Miranda Cosgrove performed with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. A few weeks ago Kate Upton performed and the next one is Lindsay Lohan. The Jonas Brothers will play the Fillmore tomorrow night at 8. There are two people you dont want to meet in a dark alley: the person with a pistol, and the person with a knife. Even in the face of these potential disasters, you manage to get out of the way before they even notice you. Youre alive, and youre not going to get shot, so you sprint away from the gunfire just in time to avoid a knife to the throat. Youre still left, left with all these knives and bullets and bullets and bullets. Bullets fly around you all the time, but fortunately you dont have too much time to deal with them. At one point you run out of bullets, so you find a bottle of water, open it, and then throw it to yourself and your other foot. Its not as if there isnt more bullets in the world. Its just that you cant find any place that you feel safe. Something in you makes you pause, as though you know youre about to be gunned down. You keep runningYou keep running with your arms still up in the air, so you cant pull the trigger. Eventually you emerge from the hospital, as well as some nearby streets, with no injuries, but youve lost a lot of weight. You look at your watch and realize if youre going to lose more weight, youre going to have to keep running. You should probably figure out a decent hiding spot for yourself.

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