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You dont have any idea what she is up to and there is no other information on her. It just pops right into your head. It would be really funny if she does have a kid and announces it on social media. She would probably be the only celeb to do it and it would be really awkward for her if she was not pregnant. However, you dont think that would happen. You are not sure if anybody would care though. You dont think about the girl for the rest of the day. You get up for another round of sleep and the girl is never mentioned again. The next day you are still bored and you decide to go get a snack. You walk past the snacks aisle and there it is, you got your snack of the day. It seems like you cant go on like this. There are just too many random thoughts and your mind cant handle it. You get a snackYou feel like you are missing something in your life. You feel like you are missing something if you have problems with the girl. You decide to go to the snacks aisle and eat a Pop Tart. You dont even know what you are going to do with a Pop Tart now. You cant eat it in the car, but then again you never needed to do that anyway. You can just eat them all day and forget about them. They are just too much right now. You have no idea what you are supposed to do with a Pop Tart, but you cant find a reason not to. Maybe you can always eat one for breakfast. You decide to take a bite of it and you dont even know what you are eating now. You dont feel anything though and you dont even care about the taste. It tastes like all the fun you had with the girl and it all just feels so right. You eat the Pop Tart and find yourself in your car still staring at it.

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