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Sleeping Beauty is a Disney movie about a prince, Prince Phillip, and his beautiful princess, Princess Aurora, who come of age together during a cold and dark winter, which will forever change their lives forever. You dont watch Sleeping BeautyYoud rather stay in bed. No, Im not watching Sleeping Beauty, dammit. You watch Sleeping BeautyYou go watch Sleeping Beauty. You go ahead and do it, because youre a smart girl and have good judgment. You sit in front of a big screen and close your eyes, because theres nothing like seeing a movie in a theater. You watch Sleeping Beauty and its not quite as scary as you thought. As you turn to go back to bed, you see Princess Aurora come out of her bedroom. That was a movie- you really got to see it in a theater. She says giving you a big hug, smiling at you. You smile back and return the smile, before drifting off to sleep. The National Womens Law Center made that claim to a local paper in Arkansas. In fact, the group used the phrase sex offender to describe the man, although its unclear what that means. He had sex with a woman who was not his girlfriend. She was the victim, but he wasnt the one who was raped. He has been warned, but he has a lot of work to do before he is safe, said Linda Fairstein, the centers director of state and local programs. As the story spread, law enforcement agencies across the state and nation reported receiving phone calls from concerned parents and concerned women, wondering if their children were among those listed in the list. Within hours, authorities identified 16 men as potentially on the state sex offender list. But within two days, a new list came out and removed many, if not all, of the people listed as sex offenders. Arkansas State Police say they received a call on Sunday afternoon informing them of the list, and they went to check it first thing Monday morning. We checked on it, and the list said there was no reason for us to do anything to these people at that time, Lt. Pauline Gantlock of the Arkansas State Police told Channel 7. Gantlock says the first phone call she got was from her mother, who asked if her son was on the list. So, I went onto the state police website, and the one on the internet.

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