Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose, is a fictional …

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Princess Aurora Isabella, and Princess, Isabella, Amanda. The rest of your day is spent at The Fair, which is a very good thing, but you still have work to do. You take on the extra work on the showTime to get to work. You head over to the park, where your horse is in the stables. Alright, mister, we got work to do. You say, as you get out of the carriage. Well, I am going to the show, now lets head to the stables. You say, as you start walking towards the show. Just as you were about to open the door to exit the carriage, you bump into Prince Phillip. Youre not Prince Phillip, youre one of the many guys that rides horse-back up and down here. You turn around and notice the others around you. Sorry, Prince Phillip, but youre not Prince Phillip, get off my fuckin back. You dont think you can get away with this, Prince Phillip. Youre a fucking loser, you never shall be. Now, Im gonna go find a good job for you. Find something thatll take you somewhere. How the hell do you not know this shit. And you think Im gonna listen to a fuckin stupid excuse of a human like you. What the hell do you think youre fuckin good at asshole. I work fuckin goddamn hard and you act like Im some fuckin stupid fuckin retard. You overhear Phillips rant and you try to calm him down. I know the name of a band that can help you out, you just need to come back to my place, and Ill teach you how to sing a few songs, itd be free of course. I dont remember you giving a dime to the fair. I got enough to help you out, you just need to.

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