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You get all the information and even take a photo, but then you have a sudden surge of questions. T you going to tell me who else is supposed to meet you like this in a week. I mean do you recognize these people. Someone is going to have to meet them in person and tell them something. S for the best that they meet a lot so they can get a feel of the place and then the group will decide what to do next. You see that the young woman is now standing in front of you. The young man has been watching the two of you. Ll need to come down here and meet all these people yourself if you want a chance of convincing them. Ll all be willing to accept ideas like this. Did something happen between you and me. He starts to get angry, but stops himself. Look, can you at least let me show you around the area. Ll take you to where everyone is meeting and everything. Ve heard you say you want to see is a.

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