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You stop your words and your hand from caressing the small, pale feet. You look at them again and your breath is taken away. The little feet do not touch the ground or the ground even the most basic of the dirt. They are like a phantom you have seen before and you wonder what the hell it is youve experienced. You begin to look away and think youre going to pass out again. You are, But you dont and you dont. You stand up in a hurry, but the thing on the ground and the phantom do not follow, but you think are you looking at something very interesting with an older man staring at you. You are looking at the ghost of a dead man who is always looking at you. There is some sort of familiarity with the old man, but you cannot explain it. You only know it because you have seen it before. It was back in the days when you were still in training and were still trying to get over your fear of the dead. You were wandering through a graveyard and the old man was walking right behind you. You dont know why he felt compelled to follow, but you felt like this would be a more peaceful way to think about his inevitable death than the horror of the ghosts you would be haunted by forever. He spoke little, but he was trying his best to stay as far away from you as possible. You were so caught up in his presence that you simply were not paying attention to the graves or tombstones around you. You were fixated on the man who would soon become part of you. He didnt stay very long before suddenly he was gone. You turned around and returned to your tomb as quickly as you could in the dark. You walk back to your room where you see the other ghost. He stands on the other side of the room in the very same spot you saw him just moments before. They were the same as you when you were young and had not yet learned to be afraid of them. A few years ago when you were looking through old pictures in the basement, you came across one of your ancestors. It looked like a photograph, but it was nothing but him and in the room in question. As you look at him standing there, you are just as lost as he was years ago. You stare at what you can see of the man for a moment and then you look back at the ghost. One of you is gone and the other you cannot say. It seems more like the man is a ghost and you are merely stuck in time. You have not seen him in quite some time, but he has not seen you since you were a little girl.

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