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Beauty and the Beasts director Bertrand Bonevolet tells me he is a big movie buff and that this project is all about the film and not the movie about the film. HD This film is the first one released by Bertrand that is directed by himself, I know, weird, but then it also is Bertrand, I think. And it was filmed in the very same studio as last years The Little Prince which you might remember was directed by Guillaume Tell. The story is a bit different than the fairy tale. In this case, we are talking about a young woman named Annie, who is the star a handsome prince and a beast. After the long wait for the new movie on Bertrands Netflix-streaming service you have found another one: the Beast. The trailer is not much better:As you are all the more amazed by this beast, the trailer begins to tell how the Beast, and Annie, fall in love and what happens after. You can actually get some idea of some of the actions that will occur in the film by watching the trailer:The trailer ends with a picture of the Beast looking very sad:Weird, but not very surprising. After all, Beauty and the Beast was one of the most beloved films of all time. Here is a summary of some of the facts that can be derived from the trailer:At the beginning of the film, we learn that:The Beast is named after a well-known Disney character. He is a young man, with a dark skin, tall and very handsome. His name is BertrandThere is a man named GastonIn order to seduce Annie, the Beast must lose himself with her. So, in order to lose himself with Annie, he must go to the land of the fairies, where he will search for the enchanted rose and tell her the story of how his father made a pact with the fairies. There is a castle in that realm, and he will not be able to enter it, At the end of the film, the Beast asks his father Gaston, who is a very old man, to show him how all this will come true. While watching the trailer, you realize that this story is rather similar to the one that your favorite fairy tale hero used to tell you. However, it is impossible to believe that this movie will be any good. This is a Disney movie and you are expecting something similar to The Little Prince. You are going to have to try to look for something better. The problem is, the Beast does not look very promising, he even looks creepy, Halloween is almost here and we already have.

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