Queen Elizabeth planned Prince Charless appearance at Parliament

Queen Elizabeth made the Royal Windsor Horse Show more of a priority than the State Opening of Parliament. While I don’t blame her for that, it was a choice! But was it a choice the Queen made herself, or was it made by the Queen’s advisors and courtiers? It will be curious to find out what exactly has been going on with the Queen’s health and mental faculties over the past eight months. I wonder if the truth will ever be told. In the meantime, trust the Queen’s advisors to insist that however chaotic, however shambolic, however irresponsible they are, it was all according to the Queen’s plan. So it is with the Queen’s “choice” to send Prince Charles to the opening of Parliament last week. According to sources, the Queen masterminded this whole thing. Uh-huh.

The Queen was ‘adamant’ that Prince Charles delivered her speech at the State Opening of Parliament – as part of the ‘pin sharp’ monarch’s ‘masterplan’ to prepare her son for the throne and ‘soften the edges of transition’.

Prince Charles, dressed in ‘full rig’ uniform, read her speech for the first time and was accompanied by Prince William – who had never attended before. The appearance was planned by the Queen, her son and their aides as part of the latest move to ‘soften the edges of transition’ before Charles becomes king, The Times reports.

A royal source said: ‘Make no mistake, this was the trailer. The prince was dressed in a very regal way, but not to the point of appropriating the sovereign. Once you adjust your eyes to that, it won’t be so different when we see him wearing the crown. Technically, it wasn’t even necessary to have him read the speech.’

An emotional Prince Charles gazed at his mother’s crown before he announced 38 of Boris Johnson’s Bills for the coming year including new laws to properly punish eco hooligans, capitalise on Brexit, better regulate landlords and ensure Britons can pay their soaring bills.

It was only the third time the Queen has missed the event in her 70-year reign, with the Lord Chancellor reading a speech on her behalf on each occasion. But the monarch this year insisted that Charles deliver the speech, rather than current Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab.

The Prince of Wales giving the speech was a ‘very conscious decision’ by the Queen, who is keen to ‘cement in people’s minds that his role is coming’, the source added.

Another source close to the Queen said ‘things have been changing for a while’ as the monarch has a pragmatic understanding about her ability to perform the role. But she continues to sign legislation, receive visits from heads of states and perform engagement virtually from her office.

[From The Daily Mail]

Sources again insist that the Queen is “very much in charge” and that she’s still doing all of her meetings with the Prime Minister and she’s doing some of the diplomatic meetings too. I believe that about the meetings, and they probably severely limit her time with both Boris Johnson and ambassadors and such. They keep her very insulated, which they translate as “safe” (but is not the same thing). As for the Queen masterminding Charles’s big keen speech… bullsh-t. This was Charles masterminding the transition to his own kingship. I don’t think Charles forced the Queen to stay in Windsor, but he was more than happy to get his moment. He wanted face-time with the actual Crown.

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