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Director: Robert De Niro, Judd Waid, Richard Bennett Bobby. Rating: 3 stars based on 20 votes Release: 2010 American BeautyThe first thing this blog post is going to be about is how I love how this week was. After having to deal with an incredibly difficult week where I had to go on a break from my job and work from home, I actually had a lot of fun on Wednesday. I played with my sister for a little bit and the mood was set for the evening. I got on Facebook and started chatting with a few of my friends, I even talked to someone that I have never spoken to before. I didnt expect to talk to her that much but I guess I have been in a good mood for quite awhile. After going on a bit of a social media binge, I tried to get a little bit of sleep on the couch and did a little bit of work. I was so tired that I crashed into one of the couch cushions which had a dent in it. The cushion was a bit big for me so I guess it broke while I was resting on it. When I woke up, my sister was beside me, I didnt think anything of it and we went back to what we were doing. She was trying to convince me to stay up and eat a big meal. I told her that I had to get back to it, even though I didnt want to, I had to get back to it. A little bit later when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I found that I had some of the glass in my shower broken. I noticed it and when my sister came back into the room and saw that, she was a little bit jealous because she couldnt see it and she wanted to. I decided to make her jealous and I broke the glass in a vise. When I was finished it was pretty smooth and it felt like a little girl woulda smashed her head on a piece of glass. I then noticed that my sister was still really upset so I just said well that was fun. Lets do it a little bit more often, like once or twice a day. She just laughed and said I think you know how I feel about that already. I then told her we were going out to eat to finish the week off right. I told her it was okay that she wanted to see me naked if that was what she wanted.

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