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Watch full episodes free online of this TV Series. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty EP 1 With Subtitles. A girl who merely wanted to get love like other girls. So Im just going to have to look through your garbage, like a dog with a bone. Well well, I see youve found a nice little bag of feathers. I mean I do know you, you know. You can have the whole bag or you can have a small piece or even none at all. You take a piece of the bagHmmm, well I really dont know what the fuck that was supposed to be. Now, go out there and be a good girl and try to impress the men, because you are going to have to if you want to keep your heart. Then next time, you can be my pet. A lot of things about you are a little off, but you still have some things in common with the girls on the street. You remember when you were new to this town, you were walking the streets, and you were talking to some girl. For some reason, she didnt know it, but you were actually talking to yourself, and not really to her at all. You were having a conversation with yourself, but you werent really listening to what she was saying. When you were finished, you started running along the street to follow the girl. After you had gone a few blocks, you saw the girl walking with another guy. Wow, shes so nice, you thought as you ran up to them. The couple was talking to each other, and it looked like she was talking to you as well. Then, as if you were suddenly in a dream, you saw a bright light as you blacked out. You woke up in a forest, and you didnt know where you were. The person that you were with woke up as well.

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