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S lawsThe only choice is to take a risk and try to get to safety before darkness falls. You know you can make it, but you must be careful because the natives are still lurking about. You begin to move and walk towards the beach. You are about to begin climbing up a nearby hill when you see something strange in the distance. Something that looks like a comet or maybe even a meteor. You wait for a time before you make any attempt to investigate and as usual when you do you are not quite prepared for what you find. You are struck by a bolt of lightning and then nothingness. The only choice is to take a risk and try to get to safety before darkness falls. You are alone on the beach at night watching the moon and the stars in the endless pool below. The ocean is silent save for the quiet, the dolphins sleep and the wind whispers through the trees. You are about to jump into the ocean to enjoy your last moments of freedom, but before you can do so you have been touched by something warm and wet. You are suddenly submerged and you feel yourself floating up towards the surface of the water. But you cannot feel your hands, your feet cease moving and you can feel nothing but air. You cannot open your eyes and see what has happened to you. You can only listen to the ocean and watch it move slowly towards the horizon. Slowly the water disappears and the land rises up again. You do not know how long you are sinking and what you are aware of is the sensation of the air rushing past your lips. After three minutes of floating you feel your eyes opening and you look around you to see if the water has dried up. How long you have been here is not clear to you, but your legs are not moving. Suddenly you feel a strong pull on you, you look to your right.

This post about Beauty queens libba bray