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If this is true then its great that the story still has so much positive to say about our dear old fair nation. If this is some big joke, then it really is kind of interesting that some of the old stories are being revived as a joke. You ask if it has anything to do with the upcoming election. You ask if the story was true or not, because you heard the rumours about Trump and it sounds too strange not to be true. I dont know is all the old man says, but he seems pretty keen that you believe him rather than some other version of how the story goes. He goes on about how the story goes that the fairies were so impressed by the beauty and power of our fair country that they would never let a human being live with them after theyd grown close to a human. Their reason for doing it was so that they could make sure they could watch over it, and not just for a few centuries, but to help keep it in its best shape. They said it was the perfect example of how the world was meant to work and they were proud of it. Then he goes on to say how they left the fairy tale after theyd died, and kept in contact with human beings. He goes on to tell you that they only ever sent one human being to live with them, and to keep him in a special place and keep him from hurting the earth. Apparently the story ends here, and youre told that you can go or leave at any time. You say youd like to hear more, but you dont want to run into anyone when you run past the gate. Well alright, I want to hear more about them fairies and how they helped keep our country in its best shape. But you also really dont want to run into someone who might scare you and scare you soon. So instead of running through the gates you wait patiently. After a while you hear a voice next to you, and you turn around and go to see who it is, but only see a man with a cane with a big hat and no hair. Greetings, I am Doctor Henry Jekyll and this is your doctor, Jonathan. He saysIm looking for the fairies and where theyre at so I can build an orphanage out of them you respondDoctor Jekyll nods in response. Oh yes Ive heard many stories of the fairies in my time, but theyre a bit elusive. In fact they might even be a little over the top in some of the tales they tell us. Im not going to lie though, I could tell you a story thats pretty far from the truth too. This is why I think perhaps you should come with me to some of these other worlds and meet them.

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