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The only thing you can do is give in. The Red haired girl is as tall as you and the other girls are shorter. Some of them wear short gowns and high heels. Not one of them wears a normal dress to go out. It seems that everyone has a special red hair colour that is now becoming the defining colour of autumn. You can see them all now. They all smile at you and hold a bouquet of red flowers. This seems to make you want to join their celebration. You are the new trendsetter, one of the biggest trends of the season is red hair. Red hair is associated with freedom, passion, love, joy, and more than anything else. There is no other colour that can compare to this new colour. The girl who offered you the red tea is the most cheerful of them all. This girl is sitting on a chair with a red tea, a red parasol and red sandals. Her long raven black hair is completely hidden by the red plumes of her dress. Her face is expressionless and her red eyes shine bright when she stares at you. Youre welcome, Im glad to be back, you replied back. Come on, let us all have one of your beautiful red flowers. You are about to reach your hand up to her, but it seems that her eyes are still locked on you. The rest of the dayToday is the third day of your red haired adventure.

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